Friday Sports Briefs

Golfer Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Caddy

Rudolph Hermstadt, an amateur golf champion, was arrested in Waterbury, Connecticut after he was captured on a surveillance video choking and punching his caddy, Jeremy Eterginio, inside the 19th Hole Cafe at the East Mountain Golf Course on July 22.  The Associated Press (via the Hartford Courant) has the story.  Wasn’t Happy Gilmore set in Waterbury?

Players, Paternos Seek to Appeal NCAA Sanctions

A group of former Penn State football players and the family of Joe Paterno have announced their intent to appeal the NCAA sanctions levied against Penn State.  The problem is that neither party has standing under NCAA rules or in a court of law.  Tim Epstein does a nice job covering this issue on the Sports Law Blog. 

Sports Betting in New Jersey

The NCAA has joined the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB in a lawsuit designed to stop a New Jersey law allowing gambling on athletic events.  Alicia Jessop has the story on The Business of College Sports.

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