Quinnipiac Loses Appeal in Title IX Case

The U.S. Appeals Court for the Second Circuit upheld the U.S. District Court’s decision that Quinnipiac University violated Title IX when it cut it women’s volleyball team, despite the university’s addition of competitive cheerleading.  Pat Eaton-Robb of the Associated Press has the story.

 The Court stated as follows:

“Like the district court, we acknowledge record evidence showing that competitive cheerleading can be physically challenging, requiring competitors to possess ‘strength, agility, and grace,’ the court wrote. “Similarly, we do not foreclose the possibility that the activity, with better organization and defined rules, might someday warrant recognition as a varsity sport. But, like the district court, we conclude that the record evidence shows that ‘that time has not yet arrived.'”

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  1. […] other speakers are Alex V. Hernandez and Jonathan B. Orleans, attorneys for the plaintiffs in the Title IX case against Quinnipiac University.  The event is hosted by the Young Lawyers Section and Women in the Law […]

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