Sports Business Careers: Should You Go to Law School?

Over the last few years I’ve blogged about various issues facing students who are seeking careers in sports law and discussed these issues with students in my sports law class.  I’ve covered my thought process in considering whether to be a sports lawyer or sports agent and the importance of internships in the sports industry.

But I’ve never written about the choice to attend law school.  Yesterday, I read a great post by Kristi Dosh on  Kristi, who now writes for ESPN as a sports business reporter, tackles the question of whether those interested in a career in sports should attend law school:

Ultimately, my law degree wasn’t the reason I ended up at ESPN. It was simply a building block for me. I took that legal knowledge and applied it to sports. I wrote a legal journal article on collective bargaining in MLB. Then I took that paper and turned it into a book. Then I started doing legal analysis (in my spare time, for little or no pay) for Forbes and Comcast Sports Southeast. Then I started Then I got noticed by ESPN and got a full-time job in sports media. You can read the longer version of that story here.

If you’re considering law school and a career in sports, take a few minutes and read Kristi’s post.  Also, check out her post on how she landed at ESPN and her career advice.

 You can follow Kristi on Twitter @SportsBizMiss.


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