Friday Sports Briefs

Connecticut Golf Course Subject of  Appellate Court Decision

Topstone Golf Course in South Windsor, Conn. was the subject of a dispute between its developer and owner of the land on which it is built, which recently reached the Connecticut Appellate Court.  According to Rob Harris of the Golf Dispute Resolution blog, the dispute arose from a bonus that the developer claimed was owed to him, yet was omitted from the final contract documents.  Check out the article on Rob’s blog, which includes a link to Court’s opinion.

Former UCLA Hoops Player Sues Sports Illustrated for Defamation

Reeves Nelson, a former UCLA basketball player who was depicted in an unflattering light in the Sports Illustrated article entitled “Special Report: Not the UCLA Way”, has filed suit against the magazine alleging defamation.  Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times has the story.

Why Didn’t Vilma Sue the NFL?

The Sports Law Blog’s Howard Wasserman explores the issue of why suspended Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma sued NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, but not the NFL.  Interesting discussion.


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