Friday Sports Briefs

Tebow Demands that T-Shirt Maker Cease & Desist Use of Name

Tim Tebow’s attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to a t-shirt company that has been selling shirts with the words “My Jesus” in a logo similar to that of New York Jets.  The Company website references Tebow in its description of the shirt.  Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk has the story.

Jonathan Vilma Sues Goodell for Defamation

Suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has filed suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell alleging that Goodell’s comments regarding Vilma and the Saints bounty scandal were defamatory.  Michael McCann of has written an excellent piece on the topic, highlighting what McCann describes as a “historic challenge to a historic commissioner.”  McCann also discusses how the suit may force the NFL to turn over its evidence against Vilma which led to a one-year suspension from the commissioner:

The league’s best argument may be the simplest: truth is an absolute defense to defamation. The problem for the league in making such an argument is that, through the discovery process, it would likely have to disclose information it does not want to reveal. For instance, the league may have to divulge it’s sources of information, including the identities of players and coaches who were informants. The backlash of such disclosures could be considerable. Moreover, much like the Mitchell Report has been criticized for relying on disreputable persons, expect similar critiques if the same proves true of the NFL’s Bounty Report.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Hole In One Insurer In Trouble Again

Rob Harris of the Golf Dispute Resolution Blog has the story of a golfer in Montana who won a hole-in-one contest, but has been unable to collect from the insurer, Hole-in-Won.  As I wrote in January of 2009, this company is no stranger to controversy.  The Connecticut Department of Insurance fined Hole-in-Won Worldwide and Golf Marketing Worldwide $5.9 million for illegally operating an unlicensed insurance business.  These businesses allegedly failed to pay for holes-in-one at the 2007 Travelers Championship and a 2008 tournament in Trumbull. 

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