Friday Sports Briefs

Lawyers and the Tim Tebow Trade

Brian Socolow, new to the Sports Law Blog, has posted an interesting thought about the Tim Tebow trade and the Jets’ use of attorneys.  Solcolow makes an excellent point – that lawyers need to be involved early in the process of virtually any legal matter.  I covered the same topic here.

NCAA Rule Forces Players to Make Earlier Decision on NBA Draft

A new NCAA rule providing basketball players with a shortened window to withdraw from the NBA Draft and return to school is under fire, especially after Kentucky coach John Calipari stated he intends to ignore the rule.  AP Sports Writer Joedy McCreary has the story.  Warren Zola at the Sports Law Blog has also posted a number of links relating to the challenges that early entry players face transitioning from college to the professional ranks.

Renewed Focus on One-and-Done Rule

Kentucky’s national championship in basketball has seemingly sparked increased debate over the one-and-done rule.  NBA Commissioner David Stern has taken the opportunity to lobby to raise the age requirement in the NBA:

“That’s not our rule,” he said of players having to stay one year in college. “Our rule is that they won’t be eligible for the draft until they’re 19. They can play in Europe, they can play in the D-League, they can go to college. This is a not a social program, this is a business rule for us. The NFL has a rule which requires three years of college.

Reid Cherner has the story at the USA Today’s Game On! blog.

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