Friday Sports Briefs

Nike Forces Reebok to Stop Selling Tebow Gear

Earlier this week, the Southern District of New York issued a temporary restraining order against Reebok at Nike’s request, bringing Reebok’s sales of Tim Tebow New York Jets apparel to a halt.  Alicia Jessop of Ruling Sports has a great summary of the case.  The lawsuit comes as the NFL is transitioning licensing rights from Reebok to Nike.

The Friendly Season in MLS is Coming

Ben Berger of Footiebusiness, has an interesting post on “The Friendly Season“, when European clubs travel to the US play MLS teams during the league’s summer preseason.  For those interested in the business of American soccer, Ben’s blog is a must read.

Fans’ Rights to Jeer

Bill Pennington of the New York Times has an interesting article on fans’ rights to jeer at games.  Here is an excerpt of the article:

But in a game hosted by a public university, the episode raised a rarely asked question: Is a fan’s protest — known in some sports law circles as fan speech or cheering speech — a form of expression protected by the First Amendment?       

In other words, do fans have the right to bellow at referees all game long, as long as they do not run on the court or menace the officials? Even if the fan is seated in the front row and the referee can hear every word?

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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