Friday Sports Briefs: NFL Edition

Saints Suffer Severe Penalties for Bounty System

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended by NFL Commissioner for one season for his role in the bounty system employed by the team.  Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now with the Rams, was suspended indefinitely for his role in the system.  General Manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for eight games and assistant hed coach Joe Vitt received a six-game ban.  The punishments are among the most severe in NFL history.  Although Payton and Williams may appeal, any such appeals would be heard by Goodell, who handed down the bans.

Tebow Trade to Jets Almost Falls Apart

The New York Jets were criticized both for agreeing to trade for Tim Tebow, and then for supposedly failing to read Tebow’s contract under which he was owed a $5 million bonus.  Naturally, both teams wanted the other to be responsible for the bonus.  When this sticking point was reported, the Jets front office was ridiculed for failing to recognize the bonus clause in the contract before making the trade.  My take, based on pure speculation, is that the issue may have been a premature announcement of the trade.  The teams likely agreed on the terms of the deal in principle, then had the lawyers and business people review the contracts and discovered the bonus issue.  If the trade hadn’t been publicized so early there would not have been a problem.  This morning Pro Football Talk is reporting that another contract issue has arisen.

Peyton Manning’s Contract with Broncos

At 36 years old and coming off four neck surgeries, the structure of the Denver Broncos’ deal with Peyton Manning has been the subject of much speculation.  Pro Football Talk has the breakdown on the deal.


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