Friday Sports Briefs

Big East, West Virginia Settle Lawsuits

The Big East Conference and West Virginia University settled their lawsuit over West Virginia’s attempted departure from the Conference.  Steve Berkowitz of USA Today has the story on the settlement, under which the Big East will receive $20 million and West Virginia can join the Big 12 later this year.

Virginia Passes “Tebow Law”

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill known as the “Tim Tebow law”, which would allow homeschooled students to participate in high school athletics.  Dave Tombers has the story on and Michael McCann has published a great op-ed in the New York Times on the topic.

Randy Edsall Suffers Rash of Transfers, Criticism

Former UConn and current University of Maryland football coach Randy Edsall has been under fire in Maryland.  Approximately 24 players have decided to transfer, including quarterback Danny O’Brien.  O’Brien was granted a conditional release to transfer, which did not include any ACC schools, but also omitted Vanderbilt, whose coach, James Franklin, used to coach at Maryland.  Edsall’s refusal to allow O’Brien to speak with Vanderbilt has been criticized in light of Edsall’s departure from UConn.  The O’Brien situation is another example of why reform of the NCAA’s transfer rules is needed.


  1. […] Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien was denied a release to transfer, despite the fact that he had graduated from Maryland.  […]

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