Friday Sports Briefs

Super Bowl Clean Zones Create Controversy, Lawsuit

Michael McCann has an excellent article and analysis on concerning the NFL’s use of “clean zones” in Indianapolis, the site of this year’s Super Bowl, and a lawsuit arising out of the use of clean zones at the Super Bowl last year in Dallas.  McCann describes clean zones as follows:

In these zones, those who wish to advertise or promote commercial activity in any way connected to the Super Bowl — whether it be selling football themed T-shirts, memorabilia, snacks or advertising those items through banners, signs, building wraps, electronic and mobile messages, inflatable soda bottles and beer cans etc. — must first receive approval from the NFL and obtain from the government a “limited duration license,” which in most cases costs $75.
Schools Offer Multiyear Scholarships

Big Ten schools Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska and SEC schools Auburn and Florida made news by offering football recruits multiyear scholarships, taking advantage of a new NCAA rule intended to ensure that student-athletes do not lose their scholarships for athletic reasons (an excellent initiative).  Some schools, however, oppose the NCAA’s rule change.  Joel A. Erickson of the Idaho Statesman has the story.


In honor of the Patriots’ Super Bowl appearance this Sunday, check out this excellent video.

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