Friday Sports Briefs

Elsa/Getty Images

Patriots’ O’Brien to be Named Head Coach at Penn State

Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots, will be named Head Coach at Penn State University according to a number of sources, including Erick Smith of USA Today.  It will be interesting to see the details of O’Brien’s contract considering recent events at Penn State.  In some ways, O’Brien may be facing a similar situation to Al Golden at Miami, in that he faces some serious recruiting challenges stemming from incidents with which he was not involved.

UConn Searches for New Athletic Director

UConn Interim Athletic Director Paul Pendergast will not seek the position on a permanent basis and instead will focus on fundraising with the UConn Foundation.  Chris Elsberry has a comprehensive article on the decision.  Dan Radakovich of the Connecticut Post has a list of possible candidates.

NCAA Prevails in Scholarship Lawsuit

The antitrust lawsuit filed against the NCAA concerning the prohibition on multi-year scholarships and the caps on scholarships was recently dismissed with prejudice (the plaintiff are not allowed to amend their suit).  Christian Dennie of  the College Sports Law Blog has posted a thorough analysis.

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