Connecticut Law Tribune Features Dan Fitzgerald

I am pleased to announce that the Connecticut Law Tribune included me in its “Dozen Who Made a Difference” feature, focusing on my work in the area of sports law (click on the link to read press release).  The article, written by Christian Nolan, discusses some of my recent guest speaking engagements as well as my work providing advice to high school and collegiate student-athletes and coaches. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

But blogging sports law isn’t Fitzgerald’s only specialty. In the past year alone he’s been a guest speaker (for free) at five events — including the Harvard Sports Law Symposium, St. John’s University’s sports management program, and a conference at Fordham University. He’s also an adjunct professor of sports law at Quinnipiac University School of Law.

In Connecticut, he’s spoken at a high school about navigating the NCAA recruitment process and even at a paralegal association event regarding a pending lawsuit against the NCAA in which former men’s basketball players are upset that the NCAA is profiting — and they’re not — from the use of their names in videogames.

The article also covers the issues that I have discussed in connection with the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act:

Fitzgerald said he’s seen an uptick in disputes over allowing a student-athlete to transfer or the grounds for which a school may take away a scholarship.

Parents are typically excited for their kids who are offered scholarships but need to at least read the fine print in the contract and ask questions about anything they may not grasp.

“Everyone goes into it with a positive attitude,” said Fitzgerald. And though he said that’s obviously warranted, many times parents and student-athletes are “so blinded by the excitement they don’t always ask the right questions: ‘What happens if I need to transfer?’, ‘What happens if I get hurt?’”

Or what happens if the coaches try to force a player off the team?

Click here to read the article in its entirety

My sincere thanks to Christian Nolan and the Connecticut Law Tribune.


  1. Congratulations, Dan. Your dad is proud of you, as he should be. You’re a true professional and boy, do you know sports law!

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