Friday Sports Briefs

“Schools, not NCAA, standing in the way of positive scholarship change”

Andy Staples of has a great article on how colleges and universities are balking at the NCAA’s attempt at reform.  The NCAA recently decided to allow schools to provide student-athletes with a $2,000 stipend and to offer multi-year scholarships.  A number of schools, however, are attempting to override the new rules leaving many to wonder who is looking out for the student-athletes:

[Boise State’s] override request wasn’t the worst by a long shot. That title belongs to Indiana State, which provided the following rationale for keeping scholarships at one year. “…the new coach may have a completely different style of offense/defense that the student athlete no longer fits into,” the Sycamores’ override request read. “Yet, the institution is ‘locked in’ to a [five] year contract potentially with someone that is of no ‘athletic’ usefulness to the program.” Remember, the athletically useless player — whose National Letter of Intent stressed he signed with the school and not the coach — will have to sit out a year if he wants to transfer.
Tressel Issued a 5-Year Show Cause Penalty
Staples also wrote an intriguing piece on the 5-year show cause penalty levied against former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.  Staples writes that the NCAA’s penalty would only require Tressel to serve a 5-game suspension in his first season, and to sit out any bowl game that season.  Tressel’s penalty reportedly doesn’t include any recruiting restrictions.

 For more on Tressel, see my article Lessons for Coaches from the Case of Jim Tressel.

Dan Davis Retires from ESPN

On Mike & Mike, I learned that ESPN’s Dan Davis was retiring.  Davis provided the radio call for the Boston College-Miami game in 1984 – won by Doug Flutie’s hail mary pass to Gerard Phelan.  Here’s a video of the play and Davis’ memorable call:

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