A Plan to Transform Collegiate Athletics

Warren Zola, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and Chair of the University’s Professional Sports Counseling Panel, has published a plan to transform collegiate athletics on The Huffington Post.  Zola’s plan is centered around three concepts:

  1. academic standards and integrity;
  2. protecting the interests and improving the experiences of student-athletes; and
  3. reestablishing the principle of accountability for all constituents involved in intercollegiate athletics.

Zola offers thoughtful changes without straying too far from the present model – in other words, he’s an advocate of improving the system as opposed to spinning men’s basketball and football off into quasi-professional sports. 

In my opinion, Zola shines when he discusses protecting the interests of student-athletes.  He suggests providing scholarships that cover the full cost of attendance, mandatory four-year scholarships, a revised National Letter of Intent Program, and providing student-athletes the legal right to their own image and likeness after they leave school, an issue presently being litigated in O’Bannon v. NCAA.  Each of these measures would be a vast improvement over the current model and collectively these measures could transform the student-athlete experience.

Click on the following link to read Zola’s article, entitled Time for Transformative Change in Intercollegiate Athletics.  Excellent work, Warren.

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