Friday Sports Briefs

Jerry Sandusky Interview

Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog, has written an article on the legal implications of Jerry Sandusky’s interview with Bob Costas.  McCann answers these questions:

  1. In terms of legal strategy, what did we learn from Sandusky’s interview with Costas?
  2. Will Joe Paterno be charged with a crime? If so, when?
  3. How can McQueary now say he tried to stop Sandusky from allegedly raping a boy in 2002?
  4. If Paterno is cleared, could he have legal recourse against Penn State for firing him?
  5. Is Penn State insured against potential civil liability?

Great work by McCann.

NBA Lockout Coverage

For some excellent insight on the NBA Lockout, look for Gabe Feldman, director of Tulane’s Sports Law Program, who is quoted in this Associated Press article -  NBA Lockout: Questions and Answers.  The Sports Law Blog also has some great information - Marc Edelman has an interesting piece on the three antitrust lawsuits filed by players and how the forum could affect the result and Nathaniel Grow questions the players’ litigation strategy.

Cuttino Mobley Sues New York Knicks

Cuttino Mobley has sued the New York Knicks, alleging that the team exploited his heart condition for business purposes, ultimately ending Mobley’s NBA career.  Adam Klasfeld of Courthouse News Service has a summary of Mobley’s allegationsKelly Dwyer, writing for Yahoo! Sports’ blog “Ball Don’t Lie”, calls the lawsuit needless.  Early reports indicate that Mobley faces an uphill battle to prove his claims.

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