Friday Sports Briefs

Yale QB Faces Difficult Decision
Jeff Jacobs of  the Hartford Courant has an excellent article on Yale QB Patrick Witt, who must choose between playing quarterback for Yale against Harvard on November 19, or interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship in Atlanta.  Jacobs convincingly makes the case that Witt should be able to play in The Game and interview for the scholarship.
NCAA to Investigate Penn State
The NCAA is keeping tabs on developments at Penn State and watching for potential violations of its bylaws in connection with the child abuse scandal that has rocked the university.  Mike Jensen of has the story and speculates how NCAA bylaws might have been violated:

If the NCAA looks at sanctioning Penn State, it appears it would include looking at NCAA Bylaw 2.4, on “principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct,” which calls for “intercollegiate athletics to promote the character development of participants . . .. These values should be manifest not only in athletics participation but also in the broad spectrum of activities affecting the athletics program.”

University of North Dakota Continues to Deal with Name Change

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