Does Tony LaRussa’s Legal Training Make Him a Better Manager?

When I was in law school and unsure of my career direction, I remember being told that “you can do anything with a law degree.”  Tony LaRussa, lawyer and manager of the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, provides a good example.

Michael McCann of the Sports Law Blog has a very interesting post on whether LaRussa, who graduated from Florida State University College of Law and passed the Florida bar exam, is better prepared for his job on account of his law degree

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, McCann discussed how LaRussa’s training might have aided his career:

What he learned in law school wasn’t lost on his baseball career, say experts who follow sports and the law.”  A good lawyer is someone who is receptive to hearing both sides of an argument and to thinking critically about different perspectives,” says Michael McCann, director of Vermont Law School’s Sports Law Institute.”  He has a track-record of listening to coaches before making a decision, and his legal education may have led to that.”

McCann’s post also includes an interesting list of coaches, managers and team executives with legal training.  Click here for the list, which happens to include Larry Lucchino of the Boston Red Sox and Theo Epstein, now formerly of the Red Sox.  Also, see the Boston Globe’s recent article about Lucchino’s career.

UPDATE: Tony LaRussa announced his retirement from Major League Baseball today after 33 seasons (16 with St. Louis) and 2,728 wins.  Congratulations to Tony LaRussa on an outstanding career.

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