Friday Sports Briefs

How Colleges Can Help Student-Athletes Prepare for the Pros

Jimmy Golen of the AP and Sports Law Blog has a great piece on what colleges do (and don’t do) to prepare student-athletes for the transition to the pros

The article features Warren Zola of Boston College, who has been a great advocate for student-athletes.  Zola argues that providing these transition services is also an excellent recruiting tool for schools:

“Every school is out there trying to recruit talent that can compete at the professional level, yet very few of them care enough to assist the student athlete through that transition process,” he said. “It illustrates that you care about their success as an individual, not as a part of a university team. You would think that even if it was solely to help them in recruiting, they would do this.”

After reading this article, it is clear that any high school student-athletes with hopes of playing professionally have another question to ask the colleges recruiting them: ”what programs do you have in place to prepare me for the pros?”

NFL’s HGH Testing Hits a Snag

The NFL hoped to begin collecting blood samples in connection with its testing for human growth hormone, but the NFL Players Association has balked at the request.  Judy Battista of the New York Times has the story.

Jacobs on the Big East

Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant has a great piece on what he describes as “the sorry state” of the Big East Conference.  Some of Jacobs’ best points concern the BCS:

If you have a legitimate national football playoff, there’s no need to treat the BCS AQ as if it’s the Hope Diamond. There’s no need to court a school in Idaho, 2,685 miles from conference headquarters in Providence. The whole thing is based on a system where a finite number of schools, 65 or so, hoard the booty and, in turn, are plundered by bowl pirates who operate under nonprofit status, stage golf outings, hold lavish parties, hire strippers yet give minuscule percentages to charities. They want no Butler, no George Mason, no VCU, like in basketball.

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