Hockey Mom’s Lawsuit is Dismissed

A  case was recently decided in Bridgeport (Conn.) Superior Court in which the mother of a youth hockey player sued the mother of another player, claiming that she was assaulted - albeit after she allegedly assaulted the defendant’s son. 

Daniel Tepfer of the Connecticut Post has the story and the strange facts of this case:

On Feb. 23, 2008, a Trumbull youth hockey team including [plaintiff’s] 7-year-old son was playing an Easton team with [defendant’s] 10-year-old son at the Wonderland of Ice when [plaintiff] claimed [defendant’s] son unfairly hit her son.

A short time later, [plaintiff] walked over to where [defendant’]s son was sitting on the bench, grabbed his helmeted head in her hands and began banging it against the Plexiglas wall, yelling “don’t hit my son.”

[Defendant], who witnessed the incident from across the ice, ran over and angrily confronted [plaintiff]. During the confrontation, [plaintiff’s] fleece headband was knocked from her head.

Charges were brought against the plaintiff, who was granted accelerated rehabilitation according to Tepfer.  But that didn’t stop her from suing the defendant, apparently over the dislodging of her headband.  Nevertheless, Judge Theodore Tyma found the plaintiff’s testimony unreliable and dismissed the case. 
Perhaps defendant’s attorney, Arthur Laske III, best summed up the case:
“The plaintiff’s case didn’t belong in the witness box, it belonged in the penalty box.”

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