Friday Sports Briefs

UConn Booster on Coaching Search, Conference Realignment

Neil Vigdor of the News Times checks in with Robert Burton, the UConn booster who made headlines in January over the lack of input that he was given in the search for a new football coach.  See UConn Football Donor Requests Return of Donation After Coaching Hire and UConn and Football Donor Resolve Differences.  In addition to discussing the controversy over the hiring of Paul Pasqualoni, Burton provides an interesting perspective on conference realignment.

Mets Owners Embroiled in Madoff Lawsuit

Michael McCann of and the Sports Law Blog has a new column on the $1 billion lawsuit facing Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz concerning investments with Bernie Madoff.  McCann opines on how this suit could affect the ownership of the Mets among other issues.

Fairfield, Trinity’s Rich Nagy Returns to Connecticut

Paul Doyle of the Hartford Courant has the story of Western Michigan assistant football coach Rich Nagy, who returns to Connecticut this weekend as UConn faces Western Michigan at Rentschler Field.

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