Friday Sports Briefs

Family of NHL Scout Settles Last September 11th Lawsuit

Jimmy Golen over at the Sports Law Blog has the story of Mark Bavis, the Los Angeles Kings scout who died aboard United Flight 175 during the Sept. 11 attacks.  His family had refused to settle its lawsuit against the airline and security company, the last remaining suit of its kind, but a judge’s ruling effectively “gutted” the case, prompting a reversal of position. 

Click here for Golen’s Associated Press article, which includes some strong words from the Bavis family, who fought long and hard to expose the facts in this case. 

Here is the full text of the Bavis Family’s statement.

Luther Campbell Sues Nevin Shapiro Over Miami Report

The fallout from the scandal at the University of Miami continues. 

Susan Miller Degnan of the Miami Herald has the story on Luther Campbell’s defamation lawsuit against the now infamous Nevin Shapiro.  According to Miller Degnan, the following quote of Shapiro prompted the suit:

“Luther Campbell was the first uncle who took care of players [at UM] before I got going. His role was diminished by the NCAA and the school and someone needed to pick up that mantle. That someone was me. He was ‘Uncle Luke’ and I became ‘Little Luke.’ ”

Former Football Player Sues NCAA Over Concussions

Christian Dennie has posted an interesting piece on a new class action lawsuit against the NCAA concerning football and concussions on the College Sports Law Blog.

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