Friday Sports Briefs: College Football Edition

Al Golden and the Case for Longer Coaching Contracts

Dave Krieder of MaxPreps has written an excellent article on his interview with Tom Lemming about Miami football coach Al Golden.  Lemming believes that Miami needs to extend Golden’s contract to allow him to clean up the program.  Lemming also believes that longer contracts would alleviate cheating by coaches:

“Coaches wouldn’t cheat if their jobs were secure,” he said. “Coaches used to have five years to win. Now it’s down to three years. What does a coach have to lose if he has only one year left? I think everyone should share the blame.”

Terrelle Pryor Declared Eligible for Supplemental Draft

After an inexplicable delay, the NFL declared former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor eligible for the Supplemental Draft.  But there’s a catch – Pryor will be suspended for the first 5 games of the NFL season for “decisions that undermine the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL draft.”  Although Pryor is being charged with trying to force his way into the NFL Draft by exposing NCAA violations, what about the fact that Pryor was eligible for the Draft this year?   His crime is simply not declaring in time to be drafted.  Naturally, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is being heavily criticized for essentially enforcing NCAA rules in the NFL, and thus assisting the NFL’s free farm system

Should NCAA Violations Follow Coaches to the NFL?

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports argues that Goodell’s treatment of Pryor should apply to college coaches as well.  In addition, Silver mentions something that seems to be glossed over on this debate: that Pryor was strong-armed into accepting this 5-game suspension at Ohio State, likely without professional advice as to how his draft status and professional career could be effected.

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