Friday Sports Briefs

NCAA Seeks Changes

Stewart Mandel of has an interesting piece on the changes that are being discussed by Mark Emmert and a group of 50 university presidents and chancellors at the NCAA retreat, including changes to the Academic Progress Rate (APR), full cost of attendance scholarships and an overhaul of so-called “nuisance” rules.

California Athlete-Agent Act to be Reformed

Darren Heitner of the Sports Agent Blog continues to offer insightful commentary on sports agent business, including a great post on a new law that will be adopted in California.  Heitner correctly points out that many of these laws, while billed as a way to protect student-athletes, are really about protecting State U:

California State Senator Kevin de León’s sports agent reform bill (Senate Bill 238) has been signed by California’s governor and will become law starting on January 1, 2012.  However, I am not quite ready to go on the record and agree with de León’s statement that “California’s collegiate student athletes scored big when [the bill] was signed by the Governor…”  Any informed person realizes that state sports agent regulations do little to nothing to benefit the student-athletes; they are put in place to protect the universities, which could suffer tremendously from NCAA punishments based on impermissible sports agent activities on their campuses.   

New Sports Blog – Golf Dispute Resolution

Attorney Rob Harris of Levett & Rockwood in Westport, Conn. has launched a blog entitled “Golf Dispute Resolution.”  Rob uses his experience as a mediator to comment on various golf-related disputes around the country.  Check out Rob’s work when you have a moment.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Love your content, as well.

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