Friday Sports Briefs

UConn Offers Scholarship to Masuk QB Casey Cochran

Sean Patrick Bowley of the Connecticut Post reports that UConn has offered Masuk quarterback Casey Cochran a football scholarship.  Cochran, who has also been offered a scholarship by Boston College, is the son of well-known high school coach Jack Cochran.   He’s coached by John Murphy at Masuk and also trains with Travis Meyer of Five Star Quarterback Training.

The Governor, Vo-Tech Athletic Programs, and ESPN

Mike DeMauro of The Day (New London) has an intriguing editorial on Governor Malloy’s proposal to cut athletic programs at Connecticut’s vocational-technical schools and state incentives offered to ESPN:

Has Gov. Dannel P. Malloy lost his mind?

Have the people advising him lost theirs, too?

I ask, quite incredulously, after reading the governor’s latest announcement: $25 million of state development incentives to grow ESPN’s headquarters even bigger.

NBA Strikes First, Sues Players’ Union

Lester Munson of has a story on the NBA’s lawsuit against the NBA players association.  Interestingly, the litigation is a role reversal of the NFL lockout, in which the NFL players association struck first by filing suit against the league.  Of course there’s no telling how fans will tolerate a lockout on the heels of the NFL’s recently resolved work stoppage.


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