Fall Sports Reinstated at Connecticut Vocational-Technical Schools

About two weeks ago Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy introduced a budget plan that included cutting the athletic programs from vocational-technical high schools (“Vo-Techs”), which are operated by the state.  Tonight, Vanessa De La Torre of the Hartford Courant is reporting that fall sports will be played at Vo-Techs this year, primarily due to scheduling issues:

Mark Linabury, spokesman for Acting Education Commissioner George Coleman, said late Wednesday that because of conference deadlines for committing to games, the state would find the money to fund sports in the coming season.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Prince Tech football coach Bob McNamara, commissioner of the Constitution State Conference, which includes 15 technical high schools. “We’ve very grateful to the Office of Policy and Management and to Gov. Malloy. The ramifications of the damage this would have done if sports were eliminated would not only have been devastating to our schools, but also to the public schools. We play public schools, too. And there had been tech students considering transferring and/or playing sports at the public schools.”

It is unclear whether winter and spring sports will also be reinstated.  The viability of these sports programs is reportedly linked to whether state employees ratify Gov. Malloy’s concessions proposal.

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  1. Keila says:

    I think taking away sports is a bad idea. I do Cheerleading, Dance, and Track. I am thinking about transferring to the regular high school because of sports. I have making phone calls to both of the schools and their coaches and have gotten no calls back. I will be devastated if sports leave tech. We need sports for discipline, exercise, goals for the players, lets students feel a part of a team, and keep students out of trouble. I love Cheerleading and I was hoping to go to more competitions and maybe make All American. This choice will disappoint me and prevent me from reaching some of my goals.


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