NFL Owners & Players Reach Deal to End Lockout

Numerous outlets are reporting that the NFL owners and players have agreed to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.  Peter King of reports that the player representatives from each team have scheduled a conference call at 11 a.m to vote on the deal.  King also discusses the highlights of the deal in his Monday Morning Quarterback Column.  Here is an excerpt:

What the owners won. Not having to pay the $320 million in benefits they didn’t pay last year in exchange for the players getting an uncapped year; franchise and transition tags; no judicial oversight in major-league disputes between players and owners, a major sticking point from the last CBA; the ability to keep 60 percent of all club-generated revenue.

What the players won. The continuation of the 16-game schedule; five weeks less or the rigidly organized offseason programs; $1 billion in additional benefits for retirees — an important point from day one for De Smith; a true salary floor, with teams having to spend 99 percent of the cap in years one and two of the deal and 95 percent thereafter.

Once the deal is finalized, a compacted free agency period is expected.  John Clayton of breaks down the free agent class.


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