Friday Sports Briefs

NFL Coaches File Brief in Lockout Case

Rob Romano has the story on the NFL Coaches Association, which recently filed a brief in support of NFL players in the Eighth Circuit court in connection with the NFL lockout case.

“Owners and fans increasingly demand immediate success, and coaches whose teams cannot fulfill such severe expectations face likely dismissal, which means the uprooting of families, economic dislocation, and a significantly less promising career path,” NFLCA wrote.

USC Loses Appeal to NCAA

Christian Dennie has posted a nice summary of the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee’s denial of USC’s appeal.  USC had appealed the NCAA Committee on Infractions’ findings that USC violated multiple NCAA bylaws and exhibited a lack of institutional control.

NBA Labor Situation

For those sports fans who want to get up to speed on the potential lockout brewing in the NBA,’s Michael McCann has a new article detailing the unfair labor practices charge that the players’ union filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), asserting that the NBA refuses to bargain in good faith.

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