3 Points on Connecticut’s Student-Athlete’s Right to Know Act

In the Sports Law class that I teach with Rob Romano at Quinnipiac Law School, we have been tracking Proposed House Bill 5415, “An Act Requiring Full Disclosure to Prospective Athletes Being Recruited to Institutions of Higher Education” which is pending in the Connecticut General Assembly.

In discussing the most recent changes to the bill, which I covered here in Bill Requiring Disclosure of Athletic Scholarship Terms Progresses in General Assembly, three interesting points were made that are worth sharing:

1.  The new language of the bill, requiring full disclosure via a hyperlink rather than informed consent, may provide more protection to colleges and universities rather than students.

2.  Although the change to the hyperlink appears to be a significant reduction in the scope of the bill, it mirrors the legislation that was passed in California.

3.  Student-athletes may never read the information required to be posted on athletic department web sites, but the information will be there for the taking should the bill become a law.  Savvy student-athletes can use this information to ask the right questions of those coaches involved in their recruitment.


  1. […] 3 Points on Connecticut’s Student-Athlete’s Right to Know Act […]

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