NFL Ordered to Provide Fans More Time, Information in Super Bowl Suit

The fans who have brought suit against the NFL, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, scored a small victory on Monday in their class-action lawsuit.  United States District Court Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn ordered the NFL to provide the fans with an additional 60 days to consider the league’s settlement proposals and to provide additional information the fans.

The fans’ attorney, Michael J. Avenatti, labeled Judge Lynn’s decision as a “big win for the fans” and issued the following statement:

The NFL’s offers do not begin to approach what fans are rightfully entitled to under Texas law. The Court’s Order allows fans the opportunity to receive information and time they deserve in order to learn for themselves that the league is not offering fair compensation under the law. The NFL should not negotiate this hard with the fans — it’s just not right.

The league and Cowboys had opposed the fans’ request

This case is clearly headed towards a settlement.  However, Judge Lynn’s ruling provides the fans with some leverage against the NFL.  Although the NFL likely seeks a quick and quiet resolution to this matter, the fans now possess the ability to string this case on for at least the next two months if the NFL does not sweeten its settlement offers.

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