Friday Sports Briefs

Behind the NFL’s Labor Negotiations

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post takes a look behind the curtain at the mediation between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, with mediator George Cohen.  Brandt’s The Busine$$ of Football column is excellent reading for all NFL fans asking the question of whether there will be football in 2011.

NCAA Sanctions Could Follow Lane Kiffin to USC

Warren K. Zola of the Sports Law Blog has posted an interesting note on the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations against the University of Tennessee’s football program.  Zola discusses whether the NCAA could impose sanctions against Kiffin, who left Tennessee to coach at USC.  The answer, based on bylaw 19.5 in the NCAA Manual as well as recent precedent, is yes according to Zola.

Can Video Games Attract Fans to MLS?

Ben Berger of has posted a series of articles about a topic of primary importance to Major League Soccer: bringing people to the games.  His most recent post looks at the ability of video games to attract fansFootiebusiness continues to do a great job examining the business aspects of a growing professional league.

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