UConn and Football Donor Resolve Differences

The University of Connecticut and Robert G. Burton have reportedly resolved the differences that caused Mr. Burton to demand the return of a $3 million donation and the removal of his family’s name from an on-campus football building.  According to an Associated Press article, the parties resolved the dispute after UConn Board of Trustees Chairman Larry McHugh met with Mr. Burton and his family.

Although Mr. Burton’s legal rights to receive a refund of his donation would be determined by the terms and conditions of his written agreement with UConn, this was unlikely to become a legal battle.  Instead this was a public relations battle, which exposed the relationships between collegiate athletic programs and their boosters.  What lessons were learned?  It’s hard to say, but it appears that UConn got a taste of the off-field issues that accompany big-time college football.  Following its first BCS Bowl, UConn lost its head coach, Randy Edsall, endured a much-scrutinized coaching search, and experienced a public airing of a rift between athletic director Jeff Hathaway and the program’s top football donor.

Now with quarterback Johnny McEntee becoming an internet sensation and spring practice around the corner, UConn hopes to spend more time building its football program and less time mending fences.


  1. Jones says:

    Dan, it’s pretty easy to make some lessons here.For me,it’s about to dialogue earlier rather than later.Had both parties met abit earlier,probably what we read on the media might have been avoided. Anyway,it’s good that both parites have come to some understanding now.UConn needs to move on.


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