CT Sports Law’s Top Story Line of 2010

1.  UConn and Jim Calhoun respond to the NCAA’s allegations of rule violations in connection with the recruitment of Nate Miles.  Although news of the NCAA’s investigation of the UConn basketball program dates back to March 2009, the NCAA’s allegations were front and center in 2010.   Would UConn be banned from post-season play?  Would the UConn administration support Jim Calhoun?  Did UConn’s self-imposed penalties go far enough?  Connecticut Sports Law answered to these questions in 2010.

Breaking Down Jim Calhoun’s Response to NCAA

Breaking Down UConn’s Response to NCAA Allegations

Dan Fitzgerald on ESPN Radio with Jason Page

What’s Next for UConn Basketball?

Key Points of UConn’s Response to NCAA Allegations

Will UConn Basketball Be Banned from Postseason?

UConn’s Response to NCAA Forthcoming

UConn: Breaking Down the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations

For Connecticut Sports Law’s remaining top story lines of 2010, click here for 2 through 5; and here for 6 through 10.

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