CT Sports Law’s Top Story Lines of 2010 - Part II

Here are Connecticut Sports Law’s top story lines of 2010, from 2 through 5.  Click here to see 6 through 10.

2.  Marist University’s lawsuit against James Madison University provides another chapter in the story of virtual free agency in college coaching.

A Beacon in Poughkeepsie: Marist Claims Victory Over James Madison in Coaching Contract Suit

More on Marist v. JMU: Damages, Precedent and No Recruit Clause

Tennessee Titans Sue USC Over Assistant Coach

Marist Claims Victory in Coaching Contract Suit

Virtual Free Agency in College Coaching

Three Ways for Mid-Majors to Keep Coaching Talent

3.  Quinnipiac University volleyball players prevail in Title IX lawsuit against university; U.S. District Court Judge Stefan R. Underhill decides that competitive cheerleading is not a sport under Title IX.

Trial Begins in Quinnipiac Volleyball Title IX Case

Competitive Cheering a Varsity Sport? Quinnipiac Title IX Case May Provide Answers

Decision in Quinnipiac Title IX Case Puts Schools on Notice

4.  The arrest of Middletown High School football coaches shines a light upon heat-related injuries and liability of high school coaches.

Friday Night Rights: Arrest of Middletown Coaches Evokes Lessons of Stinson Case

Friday Night Rights: Heat and High School Athletics

5.  Professional hockey makes a resurgence in Connecticut.  From Danbury to Hartford, one new and one renamed professional hockey team have brought fans back to Connecticut rinks.  Connecticut Sports Law’s featured columnist Dan Canavan, in two exclusive interviews, got the stories from the men behind the Danbury Whalers and Connecticut Whale.

Interview with Herm Sorcher, CEO of the Danbury Whalers

Howard Baldwin Brings the Whalers to Hartford – 35 Years Later

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