UFL Reduces Transfer Fee; Patriots First to Sign Player to Active Roster

The UFL has modified its $150,000 transfer fee, which Connecticut Sports Law covered this week.  With the recent change, an NFL team can sign a UFL player to its active roster for a reduced fee of $25,000.  In addition, the fee can be paid by either the NFL team or the player.  Here’s what the UFL posted on its website:

NFL-bound UFL Stars Given Option to Obtain Personal Release

The United Football League has agreed to allow players wishing to sign to the active roster of a National Football League club to be personally released for a reduced fee of $25,000.

The fee may be paid by either by the NFL club or by the player wishing to move to a NFL club.

“It is surprising to me that 15 NFL clubs would bring players in for tryouts with full knowledge that a transfer fee was required to sign them and then refuse to pay the fee,” said UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue.

“Notwithstanding, we recognize the value in sending players to the NFL and have accordingly reduced the fee to $25,000 which can be paid by the club or directly by the player.”

Several players are understood to have asked to pay the amount personally, so the UFL has agreed to allow its players that option.

UFL players who are eligible to sign to a NFL practice squad or to NFL Futures contracts are not subject to a transfer fee. The UFL has reduced an original fee of $150,000 that was to be charged to release players who had signed a contract with the league that runs until February.  The move allows players to further develop their careers following a successful season in the United Football League.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk also reports that the Patriots, by signing Florida Tuskers Defensive End Eric Moore, have become the first NFL team to sign a UFL player to its active roster.

For now, it appears that the UFL has realized that the placement of its players into the NFL is important for the league’s continued success.  However, if the UFL continues to gain strength, this issue will likely be revisited.  If the UFL is to become a feeder league for the NFL, it will want compensation for its services, as evidenced by Commissioner Huyghue’s statement above. 



  1. […] The UFL’s insistence on collecting a $150,000 transfer fee was the obvious culprit.  When the UFL lowered the transfer fee to $25,000 a few days later, the New England Patriots signed Eric Moore, formerly of the Florida Tuskers.  […]

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