Danbury Whalers to Open Season Next Friday Night

In February, Connecticut Sports Law’s Dan Canavan interviewed Herm Sorcher, CEO of the Danbury Whalers.  At the time, Sorcher was beginning the monumental task of putting together a new hockey team, in a new league.  Today, Sorcher and the Danbury Whalers are just one week away from opening night of their inaugural season.

“The start of Danbury Whalers hockey on October 29 is a can’t miss event,” said Sorcher.  “From the front office, to the coaches, to the players, we’re all thrilled to bring professional hockey back to the City of Danbury.”

On Friday, October 29, at 7:05 pm, the Danbury Whalers will drop the puck for the first time, against the New York Aviators at Danbury Ice Arena. 

Tickets are available at www.thedanburywhalers.com.  We wish Herm and the Danbury Whalers the best of luck.


  1. HRSwhalers says:

    thank you Dan…see you at the game


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