The Connecticut Whale Unveils Logo

By Dan Canavan

Whalers Sports and Entertainment (“WSE”) unveiled its new logo for the Connecticut Whale on Wednesday.   The logo was designed by Howard Baldwin, chairman of the Whale franchise, the WSE marketing team, and graphic designer, Erik Carlson.

According to Baldwin: “We have created a fun logo that not only captures the family-oriented approach of the Whale, but also represents the competitive nature of Coach Gernander’s Whale team.”   Baldwin also noted that “We wanted to not only incorporate our traditional Whaler green, but focus on the whale, the official animal of the state of Connecticut.” 

The font of the background “C” is reminiscent of the old Springfield Indians logo, and the whale’s fin in the shape of the traditional Whaler logo is a subtle touch.  Despite his updated look, the traditional “Pucky the Whale” will remain the official mascot of the franchise.  Also, look for WSE to unveil a secondary logo and the official Connecticut Whale jersey designs in the coming months.


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