Natick and UConn’s McCummings Receives Accolades

Scott McCummings, an incoming freshman at UConn  from Natick (Mass.) High School, and potential Huskies quarterback of the future, was named Male Athlete of the Year by the Metrowest Daily News.  Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Scott took the reins of the offense as a sophomore, and he never turned back. He threw for 14 touchdowns in his first year as a starter. He followed that up with a junior year in which, despite fighting through a high ankle sprain and Achilles tendonitis, he ran for 14 touchdowns while throwing five. He had spent much of the summer before his junior year at various football camps, among them the Boston College, ESPN Rise, Elite 11 and Football University schools.

While his TD throws went down, that was more a product of his running prowess than anything. “He was so explosive in the running game as a junior, and we had a lot of changing personnel,” Brenneman said. “He put a lot of effort into becoming a better pocket passer his senior year.”

He got the best of both worlds, becoming the “classic, modern-day quarterback,” that Lamb sees him as. On a squad that averaged 32.9 points a game, McCummings threw for 1,898 yards and 16 touchdowns while also running for 1,074 yards and 10 TDs.

McCummings’ decision to attend UConn was apparently swayed heavily by Randy Edsall:

In addition to UConn, schools such as Syracuse and Harvard went after McCummings hard. In the end, UConn coach Randy Edsall was a major drawing card for McCummings. Other schools were looking to keep McCummings at quarterback, but he was looking for more than that.

“Out of all the coaches I met, Coach Edsall was the most personable and he seemed the most invested in my academic and athletic progress,” McCummings said.

As a Natick football alum, I look forward to watching McCummings develop at UConn.  Click here for additional coverage of McCummings, who is already at UConn taking classes and expects to reshirt this season.

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