Congratulations to Natick Coach Tom Lamb

Natick High School (Mass.) football coach and athletic director Tom Lamb celebrated his retirement this past weekend.  Michael Morton of the MetroWest Daily News wrote a great article on Coach Lamb’s legacy.  Although Coach Lamb enjoyed a record-setting career, Morton’s story focused more on Lamb’s effect on the players that he coached:

Those in attendance recalled Lamb’s coaching style as demanding but kind-hearted, a class act who drew talent out of even the unheralded and always watched out for his players, earning their respect.

“Many kids he kept out of trouble,” said John Moran, a former selectman and Pop Warner football coach. “He believed in kids, and he always gave them a second chance.”

Moran also remembered how Lamb took the time to meet and encourage younger players in town.

“They all wanted to play for him when they got older,” he said.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

I can certainly attest that, growing up in Natick, all young football players couldn’t wait to get to high school and suit up for Coach Lamb’s Redmen,  Congratulations to Coach Lamb on his retirement, and an outstanding career.   Coach Lamb will continue to be involved in a favorite topic of Connecticut Sports Law – recruiting.  He’ll be helping student-athletes with aspirations of competing at the collegiate level.  Visit his website,, for more information.

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