Hartford Colonials, UConn Fans, Have Eyes on Dixon

By Dan Canavan

The Greater Hartford sports community was buzzing today over Howard Baldwin’s latest attempt to bring professional hockey back to Hartford, beginning with a series of outdoor hockey games at UConn’s Rentschler Field.  At the same time, one of Rentschler Field’s other tenants, the Hartford Colonials, have been preparing for tonight’s 2010 UFL Draft.  For an additional layer of intrigue, Colonials Head Coach Chris Palmer and his staff reportedly have their eyes on a former UConn standout.

The Colonials are considering selecting UConn running back Andre Dixon as the second overall pick.  During his last season as a Husky, Dixon rushed for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Dixon played a prominent role in UConn’s signature double-overtime victory over Notre Dame and the bowl victory over South Carolina.   Despite attempts to break onto an NFL roster as undrafted free agent, Dixon fell through the cracks.  Now it appears that he’ll have to prove himself as an NFL prospect in the upstart UFL.

As the Colonials roster begins to take shape, Dixon appears to be a perfect fit for the Colonials.  The Colonials are looking to attract those same fans who have watched Dixon play on Saturday afternoons.   Dixon is not only familiar, but he is a talented back with size and a willingness to block.  Dixon could make an immediate impact on the Colonial’s offense, and will undoubtedly help sell the Blue and Gold to the Husky faithful.  Dixon will be an immediate ambassador for Hartford football, and he will lend a recognizable face to this new franchise.


  1. […] plenty of former Huskies to cheer on.  The roster includes former UConn players Dahna Deleston, Andre Dixon, Keith Gray, Mike Hicks and Danny Lansanah.    Mini Camp schedule:   Friday, June 11:   9-11 […]

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