Friday Sports Briefs

Thanks to Ben Berger of

As he mentioned on, Ben Berger was a guest lecturer in my Sports Law class at Quinnipiac School of Law this week.  Ben’s presentation was excellent and his knowledge of the business of soccer, especially MLS, was tremendous.  Although we tend to focus on the four major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL), MLS arguably contains the most interesting legal and business issues.  From the single entity structure to free agency to transfer and loan issues, MLS has it all.  Tune in to and @footiebusiness to stay on top of these legal and business issues in MLS.

Thanks Ben!

Giuliani Golf Lawsuit

Jason Wolf over at the Sports Agent & Sports Lawyer blog has the story on the dismissal of Andrew Giuliani’s lawsuit against Duke over his removal from the university’s golf team.  Despite the dismissal, Wolf writes that lawsuits over broken promises may be actionable:

However, the Giuliani opinion held that certain statements made by the coach who allegedly recruited Giuliani were not clear enough to constitute a binding legal contract. This may be the key point in the opinion because if a player in a future lawsuit can prove that certain statements and promises were made to him, then he might have a stronger case than Giuliani.

Giuliani’s lawsuit isn’t the only such claim brought by a collegiate student-athlete against a university for broken promises.  In the early 1990’s Bryan Fortay, a University of Miami quarterback sued the school after it allegedly reneged on its promise that he would be named starting quarterback.

Conner on UConn Football

Desmond Conner has some great UConn football information posted on his blog, from UConn’s Pro Day results to the Huskies’ Spring Game.  It’s never too early to start thinking about football season.

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