Sports Law Careers: How to Get an Internship

In our Sports Law Careers series, we’ve explored  a number of issues facing those who envision a career in sports law or sports business.  Often times, one of the best suggestions is very simple: get an internship.  An internship can be invaluable for both the work experience and the professional contacts.  But the process of securing an internship is not often discussed.  Thankfully, Jack Bechta over at the National Football Post has offered seven suggestions for landing an internship in sports:

If you want to work in sports, the best way to start is by landing an internship. It’s a productive path: Six interns who worked for me went on to careers in sports.

The problem is that there are too many people chasing too few internships, so it’s tough to get your foot in the door. Like many agents, I get several unsolicited inquiries per week about the possibility of interning at JB Sports. NFL teams, and other pro sports teams, receive hundreds per month. However, I only use about two interns per year, and they’re usually selected a year in advance.

Click here to read Bechta’s seven steps.

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