Friday Sports Briefs

New NCAA Rule May Clear Path for Foreign Athletes’s Luke Winn has the story on a new NCAA rule that, if implemented may change the playing field for the eligibility of foreign athletes:

NCAA proposal 2009-22 would allow international athletes who’ve played on teams with professionals, but not received compensation, to become eligible immediately, rather than face lengthy suspensions under current rules. Proposal 2009-22 was adopted at the NCAA convention in January, and passed a March 17 override deadline without the requisite number of objections from universities. It’s slated for final approval in April, three weeks after the national title game.

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The proposed rule will not apply for athletes who’ve competed in men’s ice hockey and skiing. If passed, the rule appears that it will help Kentucky’s John Calipari and one of his most recent blue-chip recruits.

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Michelle Hill of Sports Networker covers the debate over whether collegiate athletes should be paid.  Hill answers this question in the affirmative:

Players don’t need to make millions but come on, even minimum wage for hours worked or a weekly allowance would make it a lot easier on these players; many from low-income families and under-privileged areas of the country. Also, pay needs to be on an equal playing field – star athletes and bench warmers alike should receive the same amount, starting out, then perhaps a graduated scale depending on grade level.

Click here to read the full article.

In one of my favorite posts, Connecticut Sports Law tackled the issue of amateurism and Sonny Vaccaro’s perspective, in Is Amateurism Dead in Collegiate Athletics?

E.O. Smith Senior Olander Commits to UConn

Thet guys at Sox & Dawgs have posted on E.O. Smith Senior Tyler Olander, who will play basketball for UConn and Coach Calhoun next year.

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