Friday Sports Briefs

The Law of March Madness

The NCAA Tournament tipped off this afternoon.  At the same time, office pools across the country began.  Dan Schwartz, publisher of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, discusses the legality of the ubiquitous March Madness pool:

I’ve discussed office pools and such in detail in a previous post, but the short answer is that they’re mostly fine.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal chimed two years ago in that he viewed office pools as okay, so long as the house did not profit from it. 

“Office pools are generally legal unless they’re done for a profit by the person organizing it,” Blumenthal said. “In other words, if there’s a house, so to speak, or an organizer takes a cut (then it’s illegal).”

Connecticut Sports Law touched on this topic a few years ago in March Madness: New Networking Sites Present New Problems for NCAA Tournament Pools.

Danbury Whalers Tickets On Sale

This is an exciting time in Connecticut professional sports.  The UFL has christened its Hartford franchise, led by Connecticut native Chris Palmer, as the Colonials.  But the Colonials won’t be the only game in town this fall.  Professional hockey is returning to Danbury.  Led by Managing Partner Herm Sorcher, the Danbury Whalers will begin play in November.  Ticket packages are on sale now.  Also of note, Sorcher and the Whalers braved the elements to march in Hartford’s St. Patrick’s Day parade this past Saturday.

Baseball Bat Controversies

Over on A Connecticut Law Blog, Ryan McKeen posted some links on the debate over maple bats, and queried whether MLB should ban the brittle bats.  The debate over whether certain bats should be banned is not unique to the Major League level.  Last year, guest blogger Jarett Warner covered a lawsuit over aluminum bats in Little League: Family Sues Little League, Retailer and Metal Bat Manufacturer Over Personal Injuries Suffered by Child.  More recently, Jason Wolf  at the Sports Agent and Sports Lawyer blog, covered the decision of Wellesley (MA) Little League to return to metal bats: (MA) Little League will begin using metal bats after 8 years of using wood bats.


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