Welcome the Hartford Colonials to the UFL

Here is the press release from the UFL regarding the naming of the Hartford franchise:

The Hartford Colonials will proudly carry the name of the state capital of Connecticut and reflect the region’s long and distinguished history when they kick off the second United Football League season at Rentschler Field in the fall of 2010.

The Colonials was the name chosen by sports fans in Hartford and surrounding areas through a ‘Your Town, Your Team, Your Name – You Make The Call’ promotion to name the UFL team. The promotion ran in association with Tribune companies FOX 61 News, the Hartford Courant and CTNow.com.

“We truly did listen to the public and the fans who will chant the Colonials name from the stands at Rentschler Field,” said United Football League Commissioner Michael Huyghue. “Colonials was not among the four names available when we asked people to vote online, and that is why we added a fifth option to suggest an alternative and that is exactly what happened. Colonials soon emerged as the overwhelming favorite.”

FOX 61 kicked off the naming process on February 23 when promotional spots were broadcast, inviting football fans to visit CTNow.com to vote for their preferred choice of team names from a shortlist of four options or to suggest a different team name.

The Hartford Colonials were introduced by host Rich Coppola on the popular Fox 61 Comcast Sports Desk show on Sunday, March 14, and also in the Hartford Courant and on the CTNow.com and UFL-Football.com websites.

Three randomly drawn entrants who were among those who suggested the Colonials name will soon be unveiled as the inaugural “UFL Foundation Fans”. They will receive four suite passes, four on-field pre-game passes, a meet and greet with head coach Chris Palmer during the on-field experience and recognition of their participation in the promotion during a Hartford Colonials home game.

Group and season tickets to Hartford Colonials games will go on sale in April and the team’s new logo and uniforms will also be unveiled in the coming months. Sports fans can call 860-718-0141 for more information about the Colonials.

The Harford Colonials will be led by Head Coach and General Manager Chris Palmer, who played football at Immaculate High School in Danbury and was a quarterback at Southern Connecticut State University before a successful spell coaching at the University of New Haven from 1986-87, posting consecutive 8-2 records. Most recently, Palmer tutored Eli Manning with the New York Giants from 2007 to 2009 and ultimately won a Super Bowl XLII ring.

Social networking Colonials fans eager to interact with fellow fans can do so at: http://www.facebook.com/UnitedFootballLeague




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