Connecticut Sports Law Celebrates Second Anniversary

I am proud to mark the second anniversary of Connecticut Sports Law.  The blog continues to exceed my expectations from its launch two short years ago.  To all Connecticut Sports Law readers and supporters, we thank you for your support.   This group includes my wife, family, friends and my employer, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy. 

The past year brought some positive changes for Connecticut Sports Law.  First and foremost, Dan Canavan joined the team as a Featured Columnist.  Dan’s passion for hockey and the Whalers has brought many new readers on board, not to mention the fact that his articles have been superb. 

We launched the Connecticut Sports Recruiting and Friday Night Rights series, covering important aspects in high school athletics.

We also joined Twitter, which has led to a broader readership and new friends in the sports industry.  

Last but not least, we conducted a number of exclusive interviews, including legendary Natick High School football coach Tom Lamb;  former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin; and Danbury Whalers managing partner Herm Sorcher

We have continued to have great guest writers, such as Richard Kent, Ben Berger and Rob Romano, whose contributions are invaluable.

Thank you for all our your support, emails, and phone calls.  We look forward to another exciting year covering the intersection of sports and the law.

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  1. Flutie Magic says:

    Happy Anniversary- Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy Anniversary. Great blog. In “blog years” you’re roughly 30.

  3. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! This is a fabulous blog. I enjoy your posts (and guest posts) enormously.

  4. Congrats. This blog is one of the most valuable sources of sports law news that I have come across.

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