Should Connecticut HS Coaches Encourage Players to Consider UConn?

Anyone who watched ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary “The U” recognizes how important it is for Division I college football programs to win the recruiting battles in their home state.  An important element in the recruitment of high school players is the university’s relationship with the high school football coaches throughout the state. Randy Edsall has publically criticized the Connecticut high school coaches for not providing UConn with the appropriate home-field advantage. In an article by the Hartford Courant’s Desmond Conner and Tom Yantz, Edsall is quoted as follows:

“There’s a lot of coaches in this state who have never even come up and seen our facilities,” Edsall said on signing day. “That’s what is disappointing me; we invite them up every spring for the clinic … spring practices are open. “We are better received, in my opinion, outside the state of Connecticut than what we are within the state of Connecticut — in certain pockets. That’s tough to say, but you’ve got to say it because it’s true.”

Fairfield County has been targeted as a problem area in the state:

When Edsall said “certain pockets” he didn’t elaborate but had to mean Fairfield County for one. That pipeline has been disconnected for a long time. Many of the state’s top talent plays in the FCIAC, but ends up at a Penn State or a Notre Dame. Of course, each has a long and glorious football history.

Click here to read the entire article.

Considering that Edsall typically refrains from making controversial comments to the media, we should assume that his comments were calculated.  It appears that Edsall believes that UConn football has arrived, and should receive the proper allegiance from Connecticut’s high school coaches and players.  After all, UConn sent a number players to the NFL last year and beat Notre Dame in front of a national audience

It is understandable that Edsall wants UConn to have its pick of the local high school standouts.  It is less clear whether it is necessary for Edsall to win the recruiting battles in-state to succeed.  Although Connecticut has produced some excellent players in recent years, it is not to be confused with a hot bed of football talent.

What do you think?  Should Connecticut coaches push their player to at least consider UConn?


  1. Ben Berger says:

    Good stuff Dan. This is a really interesting point that I have often considered. It is disappointing when top CT talent leaves the State.

  2. This has to fall entirely on Edsall. All of the best college coaches “close the borders” so to speak. High school coaches are under no obligation to send their top recruits to UConn, but if the coaches viewed Edsall, his staff and his program in a favorable light, they would recommend UConn more often than not.

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