CT Sports Law Readers Need Your Votes!

Connecticut Sports Law needs your help, and your votes, for a very good cause!

Angel Peterson and Dan Oliveira, good friends and regular readers of Connecticut Sports Law, need your help to win their dream wedding.  Angel and Dan are one of twelve couples vying to win an all-expenses-paid wedding at the Society Room in Hartford.  The couple who receives the most online votes wins the wedding and will be married at the Society Room in April.

I can certainly say that Angel and Dan are a truly deserving couple, and would appreciate all of your votes.  But Angel’s sister states their case best on the facebook page that she created for them:

It would really mean so much to them to win, they have been attempting to save $ and budget for the wedding, since they’ll be paying for the whole wedding. With Angel’s tough work schedule she has still managed to help our mom who recently found out her breast cancer spread to her lungs and has to commute to Boston for treatment. Our dad is stationed at West Point until January 2011…he’s been commuting back and forth which is great, but come January of next year, we have no idea where he’ll be. He could possibly be stationed somewhere else in the country or deployed again. It’s sooooo important to my sister that our father is there to walk her down the aisle.

So although ideally they would hold off until spring or summer of 2011 to get married to save up, they’ve been trying to rush this, since it’s so important to make sure that both my parents will be there. As you can imagine, this contest seemed like a total blessing and too good to be true!

Click here to vote for Angel and Dan (couple #8).  Your votes and time are appreciated.

Meet Angel and Dan here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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