Friday Sports Briefs

Congratulations to Footiebusiness, Ben Berger

Connecticut Sports Law Guest Columnist Ben Berger celebrated the 1-year anniversary of his blog Footiebusiness this week.  Ben offers links to his favorite posts from the past year:

1.  Our interviews with various MLS Marketing Directors and front office reps about the marketing of American soccer.

2.  Our series on bringing fans to MLS,  including wide-ranging surveys of folks who love the game, hate the game, cover the game and everything in between and

3.  Our series on the charitable good works in American soccer.

If you have an interest in American soccer and haven’t visited Footiebusiness, take a moment and check it out.  Keep up the great work, Ben.

NCAA Suffers Setback in O’Bannon v. NCAA

Mike McCann at the Sports Law Blog was interviewed for a story by Pete Thamel of the New York Times on O’Bannon v. NCAA.  The case involves the NCAA’s licensing deals and whether former NCAA student-athletes should receive compensation for the NCAA’s use of their images and likenesses.

Michael McCann, a professor at Vermont Law School who specializes in sports law, called Monday’s ruling a “setback” for the N.C.A.A. He said that the case would probably be followed closely by members of Congress who were interested in the N.C.A.A.’s tax-exempt status.

“I think it’s an important case because it gets at the core of the student-athlete mission and the issue that new players have in terms of waiving away potential benefits they may enjoy when they’re out of college,” McCann said.

Jon T. King of Hausfeld LLP, one of the lead lawyers representing O’Bannon, commented as follows:

“This is a truly historic day — to our knowledge, no one has ever gotten behind the scenes to examine how student-athletes’ current and future rights in their images are divided up and sold…”

NFL Free Agency 101

Jack Bechta of the National Football Post has a great post on the ins and outs NFL free agency and important dates to consider.

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