National Signing Day: The Law of Letters of Intent

Another National Signing Day in college football is upon us – an exciting and joyous occasion for high school student-athletes preparing to play ball at the next level.  But student-athletes and their families should enter into a Letter of Intent with eyes wide open, as this contract is fraught with legal issues.  Connecticut Sports Law has covered these issues in some detail:

Signing Day Brings National Letter of Intent (NLI) into Focus

Talk to My Lawyer: 3 Situations Requiring Counsel in Collegiate Athletics

CTSportsLaw Mailbox: Is the National Letter of Intent Legally Enforceable?

Should Memphis Recruits Be Allowed to Follow Calipari?

National Signing Day: Beware of the National Letter of Intent

Jagodzinski Controversy Overshadowed Plight of Recruits

Today, in recognition of National Signing Day, I’ll post a few articles from my Quinnipiac University Law School students on Letters of Intent.  Enjoy the insight and perspectives!


  1. […] Signing Day became National Letter of Intent Week here at Connecticut Sports Law.  Adding to our prior coverage of the National Letters of Intent was the perspective of four Quinnipiac School of Law Students taking my Sports Law course, […]

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