UConn, Kashif Moore Kick Off New Year in Style

UConn proved that a Big East team could beat a team from the vaunted Southeastern Conference, as the Huskies beat South Carolina 20-7 in the PapaJohns.com Bowl.  After a season that was defined by the tragic passing of UConn’s Jasper Howard, a string of impossibly close losses, a huge win at Notre Dame, and the annual “is Edsall leaving?” speculation, it was fantastic to see UConn close the season with a convincing win.

In case you missed it, the most spectacular play of the game belonged to UConn receiver Kashif Moore, whose one-handed catch of Zach Frazer’s pass gave UConn its first touchdown. (Video via Sox & Dawgs).


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  2. […] It wasn’t too long ago that UConn went to South Bend and beat Notre Dame; beat South Carolina in the Papa John’s Bowl; and appeared in a BCS Bowl against Oklahoma.  Although UConn football lacks a long history at the […]

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